The Tale of a Caterpillar with a Butterfly-shaped Heart



Book Synopsis

“Oh dear, Oh dear! What if I never have wings?”

As Momma Monarch searched for the perfect place to lay her precious egg, she sang powerful words, instilling in her Little One the confidence and knowing she would need to face each phase of her journey of becoming all she was meant to be.

Snuggled in her cozy shell, Little One dreamed she was flying. As she dreamed, she grew and grew and pushed and stretched until she broke through the limitations of what had once been her comfort zone—only to face a big, huge, scary unknown. Imagine her disappointment when she caught sight of her reflection in a morning drop of dew, and she didn’t look anything like the creature in her dreams.

With each overwhelming step along the way, Little One found the strength and courage to keep moving forward by remembering the words Momma Monarch had sung—words that gave her an identity and an unshakeable knowing that she was meant for more.

She was born to fly!

Empower the children in your life (and perhaps the child within) to remember who they are and the shape of their heart.

Theddee Rheyshelle & Little One

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