"Books and cleverness!
There are more important things: Friendship and Bravery…"

~ Hermione Granger, Harry Potter ~

Our Magical Family

We’ve been called Messengers, Misfits,
and even Magicians.

We live and breathe good stories
and we keep the message magic moving with
the best coffee and chocolate!

Every single one of us knows this journey from the inside-out.

We’ve healed st*ries we didn’t know we had.

We’ve shared moments we never thought we would.

We’ve white-knuckled our way through increasing visibility and launches. 

And we’ve developed the safety and support we need for every step
of this messy and magical adventure with each other. 

Amanda Johnson

Story, Brand, and Content Oracle

If you’ve seen The Matrix, you know the Oracle was one of the most mysterious (and infuriating) characters.

She seemed to see and know things no one else could (yet), but she never gave too much away. People’s awareness and ownership of their purpose needed to unfold in its own time, so she’d ask a poignant question or make a profound statement and then send them back to the work.

These are Amanda’s superpowers, and you’ll love her (and occasionally call her names under your breath) for them while she helps you keep your content and brand in alignment with your true intention.

Most of us need more than a strategist or coach. We need someone willing and able to dive in and partner with us in the trenches of content and brand development and the transformation that often accompanies it.

So, when you don’t see her out there in the world telling everyone who will listen about the power of story through her work at The Story Oracle, chances are she’s in the trenches—her own or someone else’s—doing the work she’s loved doing for almost two decades.

Aaron Johnson

Business Systems & Fulfillment Wizard

Think Harry Potter, but replace the wand with a project plan, the invisible cloak with a keyboard, and the unnatural talent for magic with one for business growth and systems that will make your head spin when you find out how old he is. (He was only nineteen when he rallied all of his favorite people and co-founded this business.)

He truly is, “The boy who makes our lives so much easier and more fun!”

He’ll help you discover your optimal publishing pathway, co-create and manage your project plan, and figure out all the business and techy stuff at every stage of building your dreams.

Alyssa Coelho

Creative Direction & Design Avatar

Alyssa is one of those rare individuals that has mastered many “elements,” much like our favorite airbending character Aang.

Like the young avatar, Alyssa is compelled to do her part to change the world, except she prefers writing and traveling and dancing over otter penguin-riding for fun, and double espressos over onion-banana juice for fuel.

Her Lionheart spirit preserves and expands the visual identity of Saved By Story (She’s the genius behind this website and all of our social media design!) while she helps our clients create and expand their own visual brands with logos, websites and social media platforms, book covers and trailers, and more.

Theddee Rheyshelle

Fairy Godmother

Song and story, rhythm and rhyme, meter and message swirl around this fairy godmother whose Hungry Heart loves to deliver tasty tidbits of truth, hope, and love in stories, songs, and support sessions.

Theddee has been bringing her magic, with all of its curiosity and determination, to this community since she arrived more than a decade ago.

Her “bippity-boppity-boo” is focused on fellow storytellers working on personal memoir, personal growth, and children’s books.

Lori Giesey

Mima Mockingjay

Once you realize that writing and publishing a book requires you to form alliances between all the parts of you that have been acting like characters in a Hunger Game, you will be thrilled to have Mima Mockingjay by your side. Katniss has nothing on her when it comes to determination, feist, and choosing to turn accidents and challenges into opportunities for healing and growth.

Her love for adventure and accountability, combined with her experience in business and leadership, make her a powerful ally for messengers working in the arenas of personal growth, personal memoir, and business growth books.

Karlyn Pleasants

Story Shaman

An avid reader and professional medicine woman, Karlyn’s experience with the human spirit and its underworlds illuminates the path as we all navigate our individual and collective vision quests. With her extensive background in clinical, communal, and narrative healing, Karlyn deftly uncovers the stories behind the stories and inspires messengers to follow synchronicities toward more growth for themselves and their audiences.

Her narrative medicine work adds more dimension to characters and conflicts, magic to settings, and expanded vision to fiction and personal memoir, while her almost three decades in leadership in a healing-focal business inspires more clarity and depth in nonfiction books focused on professional growth.

Marlia Cochran

Marketing Morpheus

Our Marketing Morpheus loves playing outside the matrix of the “all you gotta do” formulas and offering those red (reality) pills when messengers are ready. That’s where it stops though. Instead of serious, we get sarcastic; and instead of riddles, we get giggles.

With an extensive professional background in marketing and community leadership, and personal experiences as a consumer or client in almost every arena—religion, medicine, mental health, social services, and more—she is a walking library of possibilities for those in the marketing and launch process.

Ciara Gutierrez

Sales Sorceress
When she’s not stirring cauldrons of volume book sales, our Sales Sorceress turns hours of mediocre content into minutes of promotional gold. With her unique combination of storytelling and sales expertise, she helps our clients meet the audience where they are and inspire them to more.

Are we the right fit for your story
and journey to saving the world with it?

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