The Education Imperative for Leaders Working in and with Central Office



Book Synopsis

Ignite Transformation in Your District Community

Committed to achieving better academic, behavioral, health, and life outcomes for students and the adults that support them, Phoenix County’s school board agreed to a bold new approach. They found new leadership and embarked on a multi-year journey to transform their school system and community-wide partnerships into a coherent student-centered ecosystem.

In The Education Imperative, strategic education consultant Charles Wright, Jr. has combined three decades of work in education, philanthropy, and business to offer an inspiring and thought-provoking vision via the aspirational story of one family’s experience in the redesigned Phoenix County school ecosystem.

This novel tool will enable you to:

  • Discover, develop, and/or accelerate your personal journey to support and lead transformative change
  • Engage all stakeholders in a discussion that builds connections and sets the stage for bold changes
  • Listen deeply, identify areas for healing, and discover support for breakthrough idea.

If you are a central office leader, supervisor, or staff member looking for a compelling way to deepen systemwide conversations around access, equity, and transformative change without burning out, this book is for you.

Inspire colleagues. Build trust. Take bold action.

Charles E. Wright, Jr.

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