Supporting a Survivor of Spouse or Partner Suicide Loss



Book Synopsis

What can I do to help?

When her life shifted from fairytale to nightmare due to her husband’s death by suicide, Michelle Ann Collins found herself in the darkest place imaginable, reaching for answers to questions like: How am I going to eat, sleep, get out of bed, and do all the things? As a yoga therapist and wellness coach, she had more tools than many suicide loss survivors do, and yet escaping the dark grief cave required the most excruciating work of her life.

One of the most painful parts of the journey was the realization that her friends didn’t have the information or skills they needed to help her.

In this book, Michelle shares the tools, insights, and practices that enabled her to drag herself out of the cave, release the mental and emotional burdens, and build a deep resilience as she climbed the mountain of grief and eventually gained enough strength to turn around and help others.

When you don’t know how to help, open up this book and find the information and skills you need to support yourself and your suicide loss survivor.

Michelle Ann Collins

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