Kawtar El Alaoui

As a conscious leadership consultant, coach, facilitator, mentor, and speaker, Kawtar El Alaoui, LL.B, PCC, partners with conscious leaders and organizations to create cultures of well-being, belonging, and peace—replacing the old paradigm.

When Kawtar realized how deeply the old paradigms had failed her, it was almost too late. Her body failing, career falling apart, and support system fumbling to help, she realized resistance was futile. The only way out was through. To heal her life, Kawtar had to confront and replace nine disempowering beliefs that had held her hostage to a life of external privilege and internal chaos since childhood. What started as a personal journey unfolded into an embodied mission to help others to change the world more effectively.

After years of searching and experimenting with methods of driving change, Kawtar found that the changes we truly wish for in our hearts, and for our world, must be unfolded from within. Having supported leaders from all walks of life, and diverse cultural backgrounds, to find peace with the past and cultivate more empowering dynamics for themselves and their communities, Kawtar uncovered a new paradigm of empowering, uniting, and effective leadership. In the Conscious Togetherness Leadership Framework®, she weaves tools for deep inner healing and meaningful service to guide leaders in creating a more equitable, peaceful, and prosperous world. Crafted to bring humanity back to business and systems, this model offers principles and tangible tools for self-awareness, conscious communication, and collaboration, conflict transformation, social equity, trauma-informed relating, and personal and organizational purpose.

As a consultant, Kawtar bridges whole-brain leadership, soul purpose, and effective strategy. Her legal background and mediation training, combined with her leadership profile, give her access to a systemic view that holds the interests of diverse stakeholders with equal care. Her gift for creating spaces of deep listening to self, and the collective, allows individuals and cultures to turn wounds to wisdom, unleash the courage to create systemic change, and establish new life-enhancing paradigms in the spaces in which we lead.

Kawtar was voted 2020 Global Woman of the Year in the category of education by the Global Institute for Evolving Women, featured by Brainz magazine for International Women’s Day 2022 as 1 of 7 female entrepreneurs changing the world and awarded a CREA Global Award for her contribution as a Leadership Coach and Facilitator, and featured in Women’s News Korea.

She is the Founder & CEO of Conscious Togetherness, Inc; Faculty and a Mentor with Leadership That Works India; a Facilitator with Business Plan for Peace in the UK; and a Leadership Advisor with She Did It! Elle a osé! in Canada.

Kawtar enjoys bonding over deep conversations, diverse cultural traditions and foods, and collaborating on innovative and effective solutions to social problems. When she’s not speaking, coaching, or changing the world, she’s home cooking delicious Moroccan food for family and friends or watching her favorite shows on Netflix.

Within Conscious Togetherness, Kawtar heads the Cultural Transformation program. Reach out to her to explore bringing the Conscious Togetherness Leadership Framework® to your organization or community.

Join Kawtar on the ride to change the world, one mindful breath and one brave step at a time!

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