Amanda Johnson

After twenty years of facilitating transformative experiences through story literacy, writing, and narrative medicine, Amanda Johnson is determined to empower a generation that challenges disempowering narratives with curiosity and love, heals the st*ries that hold us back, and co-authors a magically-ever-after.

In 2007, after several years of helping others question, recognize, and articulate ideas and arguments as a Teacher and Writing Coach, Amanda uncovered her own true intention and began a lifelong quest to embody it. Alchemizing the lessons, skills, and tools gathered from experiments with self-image and psycho cybernetics, a Socratic approach to the Classics in the honors program, child development and psychology of learning classes in her teacher training, social-emotional literacy workshops in the transformational facilitator program, and adventures in motherhood, Amanda committed her life to changing the world with more powerful messaging. Quickly, she realized that her work would be more about the messenger than the message, as she navigated tough conversations with her son and started a business through which she witnessed individuals heal their stories as they wrote and shared them.

As a Speaker, Facilitator, Storyteller, Strategist, Guide, and Ally through The Story Oracle and Saved By Story, she partners with emerging leaders (of all ages and titles) to become uncompromising agents of change in their families, communities, and industries. With her partners at Saved By Story, she midwifes paradigm-changing brands, content, and more whole thought leaders and storytellers into the world with st*ry-saving quests and message-manifesting retreats. From inspiration to impact, she and her team help inspired souls dissolve the lies, reorganize their sacred material, and become truer to intention with every piece of content they craft, love offering they launch, and system they develop to change the world.

In 2013, Amanda wrote Upside-Down Mommy and shared The Butterfly Approach philosophy responsible for her growth as a parent, messenger, and coach. In 2018, she published Upside-Down Messenger and made The Messenger Matrix more visible. In 2022, she published two collaborative titles: You Can’t Make This St*ry Up is a collaboration with twenty of her clients curated to help creatives and coaches recognize and lean into the magic and mess of becoming a powerful change agent, and A Religion of Story is a collaboration with her son crafted to share the experience and results of mindfully engaging Story to cultivate character and agency in children and culture.

She lives in Prescott, Arizona, with her high-school-sweetheart-turned-husband and loves spending time with her favorite story junkie, business partner, and son on the weekends.

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