Aaron Johnson

As a Project/Administrative Manager and Tech Strategist, Aaron Johnson helps entrepreneurs discover and unleash potential in themselves and their businesses using intuitive systems and soulful technology. Entrepreneurial at heart, Aaron has been deeply involved with start-ups since he was a child and mesmerized by Story and the hero’s journey. When he began paving his own non-traditional education and career paths and rediscovered some of his own potential through Improv, Debate, and Mock Trial competitions, he quickly realized that every system and solution needs to be unique because every person’s vision, mission, and path is different.

Seeing how crucial Community and Communication are, Aaron integrated everything he had learned about connection and leadership from mentors, personal adventures, and stories into his approach to systems, teams, and building businesses. That’s when he founded his Consulting and Management company, Caterbuilder Solutions, through which he helps entrepreneurs cater to their crowd and build their dreams.

Today, he’s helping build an intergenerational network of change-makers that help individuals clarify their gifts/talents and unfold their unique potential so they can be and create the change they want to see in the world. He’s also collaborating with paradigm-changers to build a publishing house that highlights the healing process of book writing and pushes messengers’ messages further into the world. It’s always more than just a book, which is why this is more than just a publishing house.

When he’s not masterminding or managing, Aaron spends his time meditating on and writing about big ideas, important lessons, and the power of Story. In 2022, his healing-through-writing experience was published in You Can’t Make This St*ry Up: What If It’s All Happening For Us?, a collaboration with twenty other messengers about the transformation and divine synchronicities experienced in the creative process. About five months later, he published his second collaborative work, A Religion of Story: A Powerful Way to Cultivate Character and Preserve Freedom In Our Children and Culture, and became a two-time bestselling author at nineteen. In it, he and his mom shared their most profound conversations, lessons learned, and a unique approach to mindfully using Story to cultivate character and a well-rounded worldview in children.

Aaron’s passion lies with creating educational opportunities like he had while he was in school that value and cultivate the innate superpowers of the individual and put youth in charge of their learning journey. Participating in meaningful conversation and sparking solutions to complex problems are what keep him up at night and his flame of motivation burning.

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