“I’ve got one silver sovereign in my pocket and a hatful of dreams.”

~ Wonka ~

A Hatful of Mess & Magic

Clarify Your Message,
Mission, and Possible Missteps

There’s simply nothing like it.
Pure inspiration.

Especially when it’s a dream of changing the world
with some delicious magic that is only YOURS to bring.

If you’re like most of us, synchronicities unfold quickly,
resources and mentors appear, and well…
the feeling of moving toward your purpose is just DELIGHTFUL.

And yet most of us do not escape facing the limits…
of our imaginations…
of our obligations to those we love…
of our personal narratives.

Changing the world demands that we become more
than we were when we received the inspiration,
and too many of us get discouraged and walk away
before we figure out the secret.

If you need to rekindle that dream or
simply figure out how to make good your intentions,
this small offering is sure to make a GIANT difference.

Each exercise is crafted to inspire your imagination and deepen your dream as you take inventory of:

hidden desires and motivations compelling you forward

obscure shadows and antagonists sabotaging you at every turn

the secrets that will dissolve your limits one layer at a time and
make the journey and the destination even more meaningful

Are we the right fit for your story
and journey to saving the world with it?

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