You Can't Make this St*ry Up


One message coach, nineteen clients, and hundreds of st*ry collisions

...turned into...

almost two dozen chapters that will inspire you as a creative and/or coach.

After many years of engaging, clarifying, and helping others develop powerful messages as a Student, a Teacher, and a Master Writing Coach, Amanda uncovered her own. The decision to share it with the world launched her on a journey of transformation that quickly made her limited life unrecognizable. Two years later, when she launched True To Intention to support aspiring authors through the process of writing their books, she quickly discovered that her mission was less about keeping the messages on track and more about helping the messengers reveal and heal their own sacredly-coded stories.

As she marveled at the individual journeys, she began to notice something very strange. The messages and their messengers were coming into her life at the perfect moments to support and propel her own personal healing and professional development.

You Can’t Make This St*ry Up is Amanda and her rabble of clients- turned-friends’ collaborative effort to share their individual and collective stories to help other messengers, creatives, and coaches like you:

  • Consider alternative reasons for “writer's block”
    and find the real force driving that inspiration
  • Recognize the opportunity for healing that comes
    with each phase of creation and/or client
  • Discover and savor all of those past, present,
    and future YCMTSU moments

If you are feeling stuck and unable to move your project or your coaching business forward, prepare to laugh and cry your way to your biggest breakthrough yet.

What Readers Are Saying

What Readers Are Saying


"An invitation to reclaim the parts of ourselves that were abandoned, shamed, or stifled. Brimming with stories and ideas that illuminate and inspire, this book will help you take the sometimes terrifying steps needed to breathe life into a truer version of yourself."

~ Jonathan Fields
Founder of Good Life Project

"I’m not sure what I was expecting when I sat down to read this for a friend, but the synchronicity that arose between what I read and where I find myself in this moment is undeniable. Just a few chapters in, I found myself feeling a range of emotions from inspired to gutted – it was incredibly beautiful and moving and so relatable. As I kept reading, in all the stories, Amanda's question, 'What is your story?', it just really resonated.  I have felt like I 'should' be writing more academic, work-related stuff; but my heart hasn’t been in it the way it needs to be to get that work out there. After a few chapters and a short meditation, I realized the story I’m supposed to tell right now and received the title. I can’t imagine that any of this would have come up for me had I not read the chapters I did yesterday and spent some time reflecting on them – I’m so incredibly grateful!!

This compilation on the reality of what it takes to put a message out into the world offers a series of raw, insightful narratives. Exploring each writer’s experience from internal and external perspectives, YCMTSU reveals the innermost thoughts of writers as they vulnerably navigate the insecurities of putting their deepest darkest thoughts out into the world for people to judge, while also learning to celebrate the little wins, and often finding joy and healing along the way. This book is a powerful reminder that behind every story is a flawed human being who makes the choice to push past the fear to share their message with the world."

~  Dimple Dhabalia
Founder of Roots in the Clouds

"Reading through these stories, it is clear that Amanda uses several well-known and even researched approaches, whether she knows it or not. Polyvagal breathing techniques, centered and grounded mindfulness approaches, cognitive-behavioral modeling, and even some smatterings of psychospiritual methods are intertwined to provide outcomes similar to that of narrative therapy. (And don't forget the dark chocolate -- there is research to demonstrate that it really does help us deal with dementors!)

From the perspective of 'deep psychology,' Amanda’s process emulates that of an ancient, healing pedagogy of storytelling through writing. She encourages others to define what lies outside of our conscious awareness and may even illuminate that which an author may hold in an unconscious space: thoughts, impressions, and feelings which may not have not been previously admitted, even to oneself, including potential collective consciousnesses aspects with cultural and archetypal dimensions.

Amanda’s invitation is in the tradition of depth work -- one in which the participant may observe, grapple with, and consider what it means to really heal, and then share that journey with others who may find connection and even hope through the process."

~ Lonny R. Webb, MSV, LCSW
Clinical and Forensic Social Work

"YCMTSU is a great read! It's a collection of stories written by writers from different walks of life who were encouraged to find a message in their messes and share it with others to make the world a better place. Each story is unique, authentic, and stands on its own. All together the book is a heart-warming compilation that reminds the reader we all have our stories and YCMTSU moments and their one purpose is to help one another not just survive but to thrive in this world. It inspired me to get busy and get my story out there. Thanks Amanda... and everyone!"

~ Kathleen Mizell
Author of Goo to Gratitude


Are we the right fit for your story
and journey to saving the world with it?

Are we the right fit
for your story and
journey to impacting
the world with it?

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