The Alchemy of The Beast


“I wept as time stopped, and I wept as time refused to cease.”

The Alchemy of The Beast is the first installation of The Lionheart Chronicles, a series inspired by author Alyssa Noelle Coelho’s own truth-seeking journey. Drawing upon her training in sociocultural anthropology and her own experiences as a Traveler, wrestling with the meaning of existence, love, connection, and contribution, Alyssa shines a light on the raw truths of the human condition and showcases the beauty of cultures worldwide.

Will Scarlett give in or choose to alchemize one of humanity’s inevitable tragedies?

What Readers Are Saying

What Readers Are Saying


"In this magical story, raw emotion collides with realism as fictional character, Scar, embarks on a soul-searching journey for answers to the questions tearing her soul apart. I found myself laughing, crying, and cheering Scar on as she throws caution to the wind, allowing herself to embrace the fears, doubts, and dreams that create pivotal moments of awareness and adventure along the way."

~ Lori Giesey
Co-Founder, Saved By Story


The Alchemy of the Beast is a breathtaking journey through the ache of loss, the clouds of confusion, the sparkles of hope, and the rush of liberation. This story is both magical and relatable as the dark and muddy parts of healing collide with the glimmer and dance of hidden truths and boundless possibility. The lessons available from (quite literally!) leaps of faith, trusting the obscure, and following the harmony of the heart offer a roadmap for finding one’s way through the darkness and into the vast world of new beginnings."

~ Karlyn Pleasants, Psy.D
Author, Feathers From The Fire


"Magical realism meets humanity in all of its tragedy and resilience in this beautiful story. As someone who has traversed many a dark night in the belly of several proverbial beasts, I found Scar’s journey to be profoundly truthful and utterly inspiring. The wisdom of shapeshifting guides, glimmering crystals, ever-present cups of coffee, delicious dances, and captivating scenes of a determined reclamation of a Lion Heart regularly dance across my mind as I make daily choices to alchemize Life’s inevitable tragedies and reclaim my own."

~ Amanda Johnson
Founder, True to Intention
Message, Brand, and Story Coach



Alyssa Noelle Coelho

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After sharing her first journey back to love in her 2016 #1 bestselling poetry compilation, CHOSEN, Death's breath sent twenty-one-year-old Alyssa on her first meaning-seeking mission around the world. Through her sociocultural anthropology training at UCSD and her independent study with her sacred mentors, she learned to alchemize her own tragedy into a greater understanding and peace until a little orphanage in Kikima, Kenya, inspired her to do the same on a collective level. In 2020, The Lionheart Creations Foundation was born to mobilize and nourish communities by uniting humanitarians to empower children globally.

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Alyssa founded Lionheart Creations, combining her creative design and organization skills to provide a full-service support engine for conscious authors, entrepreneurs, and enterprises on a mission to facilitate positive change in the world while passionately immersing herself in diverse cultures, studying the history and psychology of their evolutions, and witnessing their tragedies and rebirths through artful soul purpose.

Today, she serves writers, authors, and messengers as a Co-Founder and Lead Designer at Saved By Story Publishing. She co-hosts the savory, storytelling madness of Sips of St*ry 'n Sanity Podcast, showcasing the journeys of other Seekers and Creators from around the world.

A modern Poet, Writer, Dancer, Creator, Traveler, Lover of Novelty, and Delighter in the Extraordinary, Alyssa uses the power of words and stories to romance souls into falling in love with their precious existence. She reminds us of our wild potential, of our hungry spirits, and of the entire world awaiting our unique gifts. She speaks, writes, and designs to inspire and mobilize individuals and communities to take action toward becoming the answers our world, our cultures, and our souls need to create a future where every individual is able to experience a vibrant and authentic life.


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