"I stand here without fear because I remember that I am here
not because of the path that lies before me but because of the path that lies behind me."

~ Morpheus, The Matrix ~

The Content Cocoon

If you are here, chances are...

 You’ve were inspired to write a book
in a moment of crystal clarity and knowing.

You’ve been told more than once that your story is needed,
and you know there’s something to all the nudges.

But what would you say that hasn’t already been said?
Are your story, message, and voice powerful enough to make a difference?

You’ve got a sharp mind and a huge heart,
and you’ve accomplished a whole lot.

You’ve invested plenty of time, energy,
and money into your success.

But how do you get all of the big ideas, good intentions, and juicy stories
into a powerful book without it being a 3,000-page read?
How can you do it quickly and make sure it achieves
your true intention for your reader?

Maybe you’ve started writing and stopped,
and started and stopped again.

Perhaps every time you sit down to write,
you end up editing the content to death, filing papers,
cleaning baseboards, eating pounds of dark chocolate,
or curling up in a ball and reading smut under your desk [true story].

Where did all of that clarity go?
Why doesn’t it sound as good on paper?

Maybe you’ve signed up for a program
to help you get it done.

And not only have you not done it,
you’re kicking yourself for spending
so much money and not finishing.

Perhaps you signed up for a program
to stop self-sabotaging and
got some tools that helped a lot,
but you’re still not done.

What’s it going to take to get that message on the page, and do you have it?
Are your relationships and bank account going to survive this dream?

Maybe you know there’s more to this message than the book
and wonder or even dream of speaking and/or coaching.

Perhaps you get excited every time you think about hosting an event
or facilitating a retreat where you could support groups of people.

In fact, the idea of growing a community
where people feel safe enough to be their true selves
and learn what they need to thrive
makes your heart pound with anticipation…
and maybe a little terror.

But none of those formulas you’ve been immersed in actually feel good to you.

Is it possible to create something that feels good to you—
that nurtures your mind, body, and soul while you support others—
and how does one create it?

We know this journey from the inside-out, as messengers and guides.

We’ve asked ourselves all of the questions most messengers ask.

We’ve felt the paralyzing self-doubt, chocolate-laden resistance, and relationship and monetary desperation.

Plus, we’ve talked to far too many aspiring messengers ready to walk away from all of it because they are on the verge of bankruptcy or divorce, or both, and yet know that their message won’t leave them alone until it’s on the page, the stage, and transforming lives.

If you’re here, and taking time out of your busy life to do some research, then we know you’re serious about figuring out how to change the world with a message.

And maybe your soul brought you here because by helping messengers like you for more than a decade now, we’ve uncovered a way to move people through the process WITHOUT sacrificing one’s sanity or soul along the way.

What if you could write a powerful book in less than a year,
and have the strategy for talks, curriculum, and events?

What if you could start that journey today,
with expert guides that have been there and back again…
some of us more than once…
and some of us in as few as three or six months?

How do we do it?

The short answer is:
We’ve uncovered our sacred codes.

In fact, the one that started it all was our very own Oracle’s Butterfly Approach, which happens to be the reason we have a caterpillar in our logo, included butterfly/messenger development phases on our Inspiration to Impact map, and called this program:

The Content Cocoon

for Upside-down Messengers

messenger (n.): individual called to share a message or story to help others

upside-down (adj.): frustrated, confused, stuck

cocoon (n.): structure safe enough to hold a transformational process

The truth is that upside-down happens to almost everyone, but most of us haven’t learned how to create enough content structure and emotional and psychological safety to surrender to the process of saving our own story, so it can save others.

And if we don’t let those old identities and stories dissolve (by being witnessed and healed) and reorganize (by writing and embodying new scripts and behaviors), then we inevitably undermine our messages and/or compromise our sanity and soul while saving everyone else.

We’ve all seen it over and over,
even if we didn’t know what we were seeing (or feeling).

The woman who was raped in college and manages to pull her life together and decides to become part of the solution as a sex education teacher. Because she hasn’t healed her pain and has no structure to manage it, she’s a little too rough on the young boys. She tells the class that the majority of these boys will become perpetrators and fails to give them a model of respectful behavior and communication to avoid such a fate. Instead of being part of the solution, she has undermined her intention—seeding possibilities in the minds of young boys and making the girls in the room feel on edge.

Really good intentions.
Not enough st*ry-healing.

The woman who experiences massive personal growth and writes a book to help others do the same, but hasn’t fully integrated what she’s learned in her own life. Thus, her first attempt at a book reads like a compilation of some of the most powerful voices in transformation that happen to not resemble her own voice at all. [Accidental plagiarism alert!] And, her relationships at home and work are stretched and strained to the point that if she puts the message into the world without mad amounts of mindfulness, she is going to lose everyone precious to her.

Beautiful, divine intentions.
Needs more time to heal and integrate.

The man changing the world with a message, rising to success against all odds, after being told by the adults in his life that he would amount to nothing. That wound was the fuel for his success, as he worked to “prove he was more.” But, never fully healed and unmanaged, it eventually turns into more mess than message as he unconsciously and consciously makes little compromises and hurts others to avoid “being the person he was told and came to believe he is.” Worse yet, he begins to resent the audiences and clients he’s helping gain the true inner healing and freedom he still craves.

Powerful gifts and righteous devotion.
Without wholeness, everyone loses.

It’s a bold statement.
But it’s happened to messengers we adore… and to us.

That’s why our priority, as guides, is to
Maximize the Impact & Minimize the Mess.

And we do this by helping messengers uncover their own sacred code
and stay true to it by saving their own story first.

What Participants are Saying

The Content Cocoon

Over the last decade, we’ve streamlined our approach to move messengers quickly through the phases of clarity, branding, strategy, and storytelling skill-building, so they can use the momentum to move confidently into content development and st*ry-healing.

We invite messengers to play at one of two levels based on their goals.

And, if you haven’t noticed yet, CHOCOLATE is one of our secrets to success here, which is why we use it to categorize these programs.

Some Details!

Completed Manuscript

We will support you through the entire process of completing your manuscript. When you’re done with the program, it will be ready for light copyediting, formatting, design, or production.

Signature Talk

We will work together to craft a powerful presentation and get you ready to engage, enlighten, and empower your audiences AND sell your services without it feeling icky.

Revenue Model

After experiencing your powerful book or keynote, people are going to ask you, “What’s next?” We want to help you dream up a client experience through a funnel that feels exciting and doable for you.

BONUS: Sales Camp

Because we want you to be able to make some good money as you impact the world, we’re including an amazing bonus. Sales Camp is an incredible digital training course facilitated by our favorite sales expert, Ursula Mentjes. You’ll walk away from that training with sales scripts and systems that will make it so much easier for you to sell in alignment with your soul.

PLUS, Devoted Guides and
A Community Full of Allies

As messengers and guides for others on the journey, we have experienced the power of messengers coming together, co-creating a safe space to share their stories, and working alongside each other to develop and polish content. Not only does the level of accountability go up, making it harder to push that project to the back burner; but you will be stunned by how quickly you can heal st*ries and get content into the world. Our allies will help you stay true to your intention, have a hell-of-a-lot more fun on the journey, and get where you’re going with more ease, grace, and velocity. Truly, these are friendships and collaborations that will likely last a lifetime.

How we’ll do it!

CocoonU Membership. CocoonU is the online platform we use to deliver pre-recorded training sessions and quests, as well as connect guides, allies, and potential collaborators across all of our programs.

A Hatful of Magic & Mess. Pre-recorded training with homework in CocoonU. This personal reflection time will help you more deeply understand and prepare for your Messenger Dream and Journey. It will also unearth much of the information we need to begin helping you uncover your sacred code and organize your material.

The Greatest Messenger. Pre-recorded training with homework in CocoonU and group coaching. This personal and communal experience will expand your vision and open up portals of possibilities around changing the world with your sacred message WITHOUT compromising your sanity or your soul, alchemizing your story and expertise to create maximum impact, publishing and monetizing your message, and building that safe cocoon structure you need for the transformative journey ahead.

2 Pre-Retreat Sessions. 90 minutes each via Zoom. You’ll send us your pre-work, and the Oracle and your Chosen Ally will discuss and expand upon it, and then create as much organization as we can to get you ready to write.

Quarterly 3-Day Message Magic Retreats. A draft of what in a day? Oh yeah! That’s the goal. You do the part that you can do, and we’ll partner with you to do the rest.

Writing Coaching & Partnership. Some messengers arrive with exceptional writing skills, but most have very little confidence in their ability. Don’t worry. We’re going to give you strong models with prompts for you to write first drafts of small scenes and lessons, and then we’ll help you refine them, improving your writing one skill at a time. Regardless of where you’re starting, this collaboration is going to create a lot of safety for you to focus on the part that only you can do—get what’s in your heart and head out on paper. The shaping and reshaping is collaborative until one day, you will send a draft and receive only applause back.

Monthly Virtual Momentum Retreats. Every month, we’ve set aside 3 days for a virtual retreat to build more momentum and get more done.

Weekly Cocoon Breakthrough & Co-working Sessions. On Tuesdays, we invite you to commune and co-work with us virtually. This is a regular opportunity to celebrate your wins, work through any internal st*ry challenges, and ask for/receive support on all things message-related to stay the course.

Weekly Branding & Marketing Sessions. While we want most of your energy focused on writing, it’s also vital that you begin to think about things like branding and marketing, as those will be very important conversations as soon as your manuscript is complete. The more you immerse yourself in these conversations with guides and allies further along on the journey, the more you’ll know what will feel good for you once you need to take action. Whether you want to be an author, speaker, or coach [or all three], it will help you figure out the next steps to grow your brand strategically and organically. No inauthentic formulas. Just following the magic that’s right in front of you.

Publishing Portal Program. Pre-recorded training with homework in CocoonU and group/individual coaching. Once you’re done with the manuscript, you’ll gain access to this program designed to get you educated and empowered for the next phase of your journey. The training, templates, and group and individual coaching, will prepare you for the adventure that is branding, publishing, launching, and leading your message.

What Participants are Saying

Plus, the St*ry-saving work!

21–Day Quest From Character to Co–Author. Videos. Writing Prompts. Reflections. Group Experience via Zoom and CocoonU. Use a powerful, in-our-DNA approach to st*ry-healing to shift one st*ry that’s been sabotaging your efforts to get your message into the world.

Quarterly 3-Day YCMTSU Retreats. We use the power of Story, Writing, and Community to uncover and rewrite the st*ries that are holding us back. Imagine a magical slumber party with new besties, an epic feelings corner, and moments that will leave you forever changed. NOTE: These are held right before the Message Magic Retreats. In other words, three days of healing st*ry, a day off to process, and then three days of moving your message forward.

Monthly InnerlightSessions. Every month, you’ll be invited to join us for a group Innerlight session. This energy balancing modality helps the nervous system settle and the body digest and reorganize all of the material that is being dissolved. In fewer words, it will help you move faster!

10-minute SOS Calls and Emails. Because it’s not for the faint-hearted. Because you will be clear and excited. And then you’ll be upside-down. And you’ll need a reminder that it’s okay to be where you are, and maybe some support in figuring out the next right step.

Included: Cozy accommodations and delicious food are included for all of the retreats.

Additional Investments: The only additional investment is whatever it takes for you to get to the location or secure a private room.

What Experts are Saying

If this program feels like an answer, schedule time with us to make sure this is the best next step for you. That might look like us recommending one of these programs to you, but it could also look like us encouraging you to focus on something else in your life before you jump into this experience. We want you to be ready to make the most of your epic journey.

Because we devote so much time to each client and message, we work with ONLY 12 messengers every year.

So, if you’re feeling the tug, or have questions…

Are we the right fit for your story
and journey to saving the world with it?

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