Success Is Just The Beginning


Say goodbye to the status quo.

Gone are the days of believing we have to choose between business and family, impact and income, or even quality and rapid growth. The real question is: 

How does one go about creating a life of sustained success?

The same year Stephanie P. Kemp launched her first business and set out to establish a new industry standard, she married her high school sweetheart and committed herself to success in her professional and personal endeavors. Drawing on the hard-earned lessons of others’ failures and successes, she developed a unique approach that made it possible for her to grow one of the largest and most successful dance studios in the country, and three other thriving businesses, without sacrificing her family or her sanity. 

In Success is Just the Beginning, this celebrated CEO, coach, mentor, and educator reveals the six timeless lessons that have enabled her to build what she calls a Wealth-oiled Machine. 

Get ready to learn how to: 

  • cultivate a company culture that unleashes everyone’s highest potential
  • leverage your time and talent to stop sacrificing what’s important to you
  • face inevitable challenges with confidence and clarity

Kemp’s no-nonsense approach will light your path to a well-balanced life of outstanding achievement. If you are ready to defy the status quo and live a life that aligns your purpose, passion, and paycheck, this book is for you.

Don’t settle for anything less.

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What Readers Are Saying

What Readers Are Saying


"Success Is Just The Beginning offers the reader a chance to look around at one’s life and find the systems and lessons that exist right in front of your eyes. It reminds you to blink and reset as you position yourself on the path to success. Stephanie P. Kemp calls it like it is and, as she states within the first few pages, ‘the truth is not sugar coated.’ You can hear the strength, persistence, and love in her voice. She means what she says and backs it up with examples, facts, and lessons learned. Some will leave you laughing and others will pull at your heart strings, but all will make you pause to reflect on how each lesson can support your journey because... success is just the beginning.”

~ Danielle Bazinet
MA from NYU and a dual BA in Theater Education and Communications from Regis College
Adjunct Professor of Dance and Dance Education Bridgewater State University


"Success Is Just The Beginning by Stephanie P. Kemp is an inspiring and captivating book that captures the essence of entrepreneurship. Through her personal journey of opening a dance studio, Kemp takes us on a rollercoaster journey filled with challenges and unexpected obstacles. The book teaches valuable lessons about perseverance, adaptability, and leadership in the face of uncertainty. It is a must-read for aspiring artists and entrepreneurs, offering timeless wisdom and motivation to overcome any hurdles on the path to success.”

~ Brian Thomas
Emmy Nominated Choreographer, Filmmaker & CEO of SpinKick Pictures

Faculty, Broadway Dance Center NYC



Stephanie P. Kemp

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Stephanie Kemp is an award-winning choreographer, teacher, mentor, author, and no-nonsense CEO. A self-proclaimed business junky, her obsession with the service industry catapulted her early success from start-up to scale-up, proving service—great service—is relationship driven. She believes it is the responsibility of mentors, coaches, and business owners alike to help everyone in their organization see past limitations, set high expectations, and earn their worth. 

Not a fan of the "everyone gets a trophy generation," she is outspoken and direct about her views on competition and complacency. Her motto "Do Better" is her personal and professional theme song—a song that she plays on loop in her daily life.

A serial entrepreneur, she has used her time-tested techniques, strategies, and lessons to not only sustain her seven- and eight-figure businesses but endure and thrive for over three decades. Her specialized "Wealth" formula has allowed her to live a life of abundance on her terms in alignment with her goals and her dreams. 

Not a mathematician, scholar, or MBA, she is proof positive that you too can build a successful life filled with passion and purpose, and her message to fellow entrepreneurs is, "You're not selfish." A life showered with personal and professional achievements is not only possible—it's imperative. 


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