A Religion of Story



Book Synopsis

A powerful (and fun) way to raise:

Leaders, not Followers. Unifiers, not Dividers.

When her son was born, Amanda Johnson was in the middle of a spiritual crisis that had stripped her of her foundations, family, and physical health. All she had to offer him was an oath to protect his mind and heart from disempowering messages and teach him how to think and feel for himself. Her efforts quickly led to stunning results, but it wasn’t fun until she realized Story could be their medium. Her classical training had shown her how to engage messages socratically, and she was able to use this pathway to keep her promise.

It took sixteen years for her to grasp the impact of this approach, but only a minute to realize they had to share it.

A Religion of Story is Amanda and Aaron’s collaborative effort to share their most profound conversations about their favorite stories and lessons learned, and show parents a powerful way to:

  • Get to know your child’s thoughts, feelings, and dreams and share yours with them
  • Discover ways to nurture your child’s character and strengths, and let them hone yours
  • See the world anew, and help your child develop compassion for other perspectives
  • Get ahead of your child’s developmental stages and have uncomfortably important conversations
  • Allow your child to develop a worldview that will astonish you and even evolve your own

By mindfully engaging Story, we can cultivate character that isn’t easily tempted by obsessions for pleasure or power; develop critical thinking that isn’t easily manipulated or devoid of compassion; and raise children who can thrive individually but choose collaboration because they know how to think, feel, and communicate clearly.

What could be more fun than learning while enjoying popcorn, dark chocolate, and epic stories?

Amanda Johnson & Aaron Johnson

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